Marketing Advice: 5 Questions That Help You Succeed in Your Real Estate Business

Beware of marketing advice that proposes to give you answers. What most real estate agents need to grow a business are the key questions. My advice to you: work on discovering the answers to these questions and you’ll be well on your way to fantastic success!1. Why.
The first thing to ask yourself when seeking marketing advice is Why. Why are you in business in the first place? Why are you doing this as opposed to everything else you could be doing?My client Rosie had a successful husband and didn’t need to work, but she so wanted to help put lower-income families into homes. When times were hard for her business, or she’d just spent 10 hours on paperwork, she would think about that “why” and it kept her going.Another client, Jacque, loved having guilt-free money of her own to spend on herself. When she came to me for marketing advice, I suggested she posts her desired shopping list in images where she could see them all the time. Knowing why she was in her business kept her motivated.2. Who.
One of the biggest mistakes Realtors make is working with whoever shows up. Instead, successful business people, including real estate agents, use discernment to focus on a target market that best suits their skills, personalities and interests.Be honest, some of your clients have been a better fit than others. So, if you’re going to actually market to a target audience and invite them to come to you for help, be sure they’re prospects who are suited to benefit from you.My client Harvey loved to over deliver in service by going the extra mile for his clients, but when he worked with homes in the $100,000 range, that desire got him really burned out. His commissions at that level didn’t allow him to exceed expectations in a way that was profitable and enjoyable. Once he left his own geography a bit (about an hour away) and found wealthier neighborhoods, his skills came in handy for getting him more listings and clients who were impressed by his generosity.3. Why you?
They may not ask it this rudely (or they may!) but your prospect is always thinking this question. My marketing advice to you: figure out an answer to this question that will grab your prospects’ attention and stay in their minds as they decide who to list with. This is where a USP or a brand comes in. You’ve got to be unique, memorable and believable.4. Where?
Advertisers want you to fit into their existing media boxes, but their marketing advice might not suit your needs. The question you need to ask yourself is: where is my target audience looking for information about real estate? Are they reading local newspapers or magazines? Talking to friends?
Before you do the usual billboards, grocery store and newspaper ads, take time to think about how your last 10 clients found you. It’s possible those billboard funds are better invested in online pay per click ads.5. What, When and How Much?
It may sound dull, but the best marketing advice anyone can give you is to prepare a marketing plan. Too many Realtors are flying by the seat of their pants, without a budget or a plan. And that’s the kind of results they’re getting.A plan doesn’t have to be a 500-page tome you put on a shelf. Why not a one-page list of the months, or a wall calendar? Keep it simple and use what works for you. But, be sure to include these elements: what you’re going to do for your marketing, when you’ll start and complete it, and how much you plan to spend on each initiative.Two real estate partners I know work their marketing plan around the school calendar and focus heavily on networking through parent-teacher organizations and sports teams. They’re each visible at events, volunteer regularly and are the first to know about moves into or out of the district.With just five basic questions you’re much closer to achieving your goals and ensuring more success, more easily in your business.Stand Out from the Crowd! Get Your Own Money-Making Brand